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Pride-Unity Statement Ear Clip(Single for one ear)

Pride-Unity Statement Ear Clip(Single for one ear)

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Celebrate and express your true self with our Pride-Unity Statement Ear Clip. These bold and beautiful earrings are designed to proudly showcase your sexuality, reminding you that nothing is more important than loving yourself for all that you are. Each earring features the iconic male symbols, making a powerful statement of love and acceptance.

For added versatility, these ear clips can be worn on any part of your ear, requiring no special piercings.

For those seeking a personal touch, we offer custom options. Upon request, these earrings can also be made with female symbols, ensuring your Pride-Unity Earrings are as unique as you are.

Crafted with care, these earrings measure approximately 4.2cm long and are made from high-quality titanium steel and durable alloys, ensuring they shine as brightly as your pride. Embrace your identity and wear your love with pride every day.

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